COVID-19 cannot stop Orange Church of Christ (COCO) meeting together and proclaiming HOPE and PEACE to the world in the beautiful name of Jesus.

If you are ANXIOUS or FEARFUL about the COVID virus (Corona Virus), we would love to pray for you. In the CONTACT page, please leave your details and pray request. You can also ask for a PASTORAL SUPPORT person to phone you and chat on the phone.

Why not CONNECT with our online meetings? In the comfort of your own home, you can tune into our talks and get togethers and find community and support where you are.

There are TWO ways of Joining: One is to 'follow' our Facebook page or 'subscribe' to our Vimeo channels for both live and recorded messages. Another is to join a gathering via the link below which will be more interactive. If you do this on a Phone you may be asked to download 'ZOOM' first. On a desktop you can just join in.

Zoom Bible Study coming soon (or zoom!.)

Each Sunday - Zoom! ID: 833 3779 3495

Part 3 of Surprising Elements of the Christian Faith,

Part 2 of Surprising Elements of the Christian Faith,

Part 1 of Surprising Elements of the Christian Faith

HYMN SUNDAY 26th APRIL - Click here...

Quasimodo Sunday - 19th April - click here!Quasimodo

April 5th with Rob and Debbie...

Last week's (29th March) service can be watched as below:

CLICK on the loom image for this week's update and talk (March 22nd) from Colossians 3.

Video starts slightly laggy probably due to the poor internet.

Click on Title below for just audio.