Church is back on!!!

Yes, with great caution but also great excitement, physically meeting church is returning. We plan to hold THREE seperate services.

  • 9.30am Sunday for those without kids/youth and who cant make Midweek. Aimed at XGen to Boomers.

  • Sunday (11am), NextGen Service, for those with kids or youth.

  • 10am WEDNESDAY primarily for Seniors or those who cant make a Sunday,

Due to COVID regulations please advise if you planning on joining us for one of our services. We have strict number limits at each. Email


Father's Day is MAF day - watch the video to find out more and then order your GerryCan from

Part 3 of Surprising Elements of the Christian Faith,

Part 2 of Surprising Elements of the Christian Faith,

Part 1 of Surprising Elements of the Christian Faith

HYMN SUNDAY 26th APRIL - Click here...

Quasimodo Sunday - 19th April - click here!Quasimodo

April 5th with Rob and Debbie...

Last week's (29th March) service can be watched as below:

CLICK on the loom image for this week's update and talk (March 22nd) from Colossians 3.

Video starts slightly laggy probably due to the poor internet.

Click on Title below for just audio.