Sermon Messages

D4Y part 6 cross failure
D4Y part 5 Jesus as
D4Y part 4 Who Am
D4Y part 3 Jesus the
D4Y part 2 Jesus the
Decide 4 Yourself part 1 Jesus

Jethro Geier on Mission

Adam on Freedom Galatians

Isaiah 53 The Riddle of the Servant

Psalm 22 - Victim to Victory: Shadows of the Cross 3

Shadows of the Cross 2 - the curse of a hanged man

Shadows of the cross series part 1 - Ab & Isaac

Spiritual Growth - Jon Baker 2019 Jan

Song of Zechariah Luke 1

Environment and Identity Sermon

Sermon November 2018

Jethro Geier - Focus your mind

Sermon 11th November 2018

2018-08-12 DEAF ACTION.mp3

Neville Muir DEAF ACTION

Sermon 5th Aug.mp3

Jon Baker Identity and Gender